by Industry

Life Sciences

  • Wrote embedded real-time code for ARM processors as part of a medical heart defibrillator device.
  • Wrote code to control a liquid handling system.  Implemented code from top to bottom; from the GUI to the motors and valves under control. Activity included modules to do microplate washing, dispensing, and conveyer control.
  • Defined and wrote the software for a stand-alone bulk reagent dispenser.  This was a small fixed-purpose device that dispensed the same reagent into each well of a microplate.
  • As part of an automated blood analyzer, wrote screen handling software which maintained a list of patients for which work was being done.


  • Used Windows CE and open source software to provide a remote VOIP communications facility.  This provided a quick and robust mechanism to provide a nailed-up voice path for remote operator communication.
  • Designed and coded communications software for a new subscriber line concentrator.
  • Guided and reviewed signaling systems descriptions both here and in Europe.


  • Developed a control computer for a computer aided manufacturing system (bottle making).
  • Was the digital project lead on a bulk mail inspection device. Coordinated the efforts of 4 software engineers and 2 electrical engineers, and wrote software architecture specifications and interface specifications. Did detailed design and implementation in areas of device control, CRC, and kernel design. 
  • Designed and implemented code for a high-speed document scanner.  Functionality included calibration control for the CCD array, bank switching support.
  • Wrote code for a Microchip PIC that controlled the feeder for the scanner.
  • Designed and implemented a data collection system for a manufacturing environment


  • Developed a proof of concept implementation of a next generation electronic counter-measure system which performed the required signal processing in Nvidia CUDA.
  • Using agile techniques, designed, coded, and tested software for a training pod.
  • Designed and wrote code for a multiprocessor system which performed FFTs and other application specific processing to implement RADAR functionality.
  • Provided VxWorks IP communication capability between an image sensor and a control PC.
  • Wrote a video recorder to capture video from a custom video camera